Assignment 21: Identifying and Applying Goals and Objectives

Rap and Place Goals:

  • (Students will) Know the meaning of “flow” as it relates to rap music [K]
  • (Students will) Develop a beat using their understandings of rap, rhythm, structure/form and style [S]
  • (Students will) Create their own lyrics for three verses of rap reflecting a different sense of place (2 more than their previous Jay-Z-based rap) [M]
  • (Students will) Roleplay a scenario in pairs where one student is the administrator and another is a student, and the student must advocate on why learning about rap and place has proven beneficial to their musical learning and should not be taken away due to rap as being seen as offensive [T]

New Project Proposition Goals:

  • (Students will) Know the meaning of the terms “timbre, instrumentation, texture, and articulation” as they relate to music [K]
  • (Students will) Articulate similarities and differences among multiple musical styles using their background knowledge and guided vocabulary [S]
  • (Students will) Analyze, in small groups, how a selected song could have its style altered to 3 other styles of music [M]
  • (Students will) Create, in small groups, a cover of a selected in another style using acoustic and/or electronic instruments [T]

Goals and objectives are something I’m more familiar with. This class has pleasantly presented largely unfamiliar content to me, and for that I am grateful. However, much of my music education program has been about goals and objectives as they relate to lesson planning, student learning, and linking to national/state standards. It wasn’t until this semester in my classes that I started delving deeper into different categories and levels of objectives. Between this class and English Immersion, I have delved in much deeper to planning and writing objectives. Knowing that there’s different levels of objectives, and how to employ more powerful action words to articulate differentiation in levels of understanding, have proven valuable skills that I can’t wait to apply to my future teaching.


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