Assignment 15: Responding to Music Through Listening and Analysis

Jet Black Heart, by 5 Seconds of Summer:

Att-L Listen Points: Challenge secondary students to hear the following in three listenings:

-Indication of form landmarks (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro)

-Points where there are additions and subtractions of vocal harmonies

-Contrasting of two different patterns on the guitar part

Questions: -How does this song make you feel? (open)

-What in this song made you feel that way? (guided, judicial)

-What instruments are used in this songs? (closed, analytical)

-Is the piece in a major or minor key? (closed)

N-Gage Tasks: Listen to the song in order to engage in the following activities:

-Hum along the with the chorus melody

-Clap on two and four with the drum set snare

-Use available instruments, percussive or melodic, to accompany the music in the background

Questions: -Discuss the melodic contour of the piece (analytical, guided)

-What’s the role of the guitar in this piece? (analytical)

-Can you clap on 2 and 4 along with the drum set snare? (closed)

N-Act Tasks: Listen to the song continuously to perform the following activities

-Sing the pitches of the melody with either the lyrics or using the syllable “la”

-Sing the guitar, bass, and drum parts in small groups

-Use singing and available instruments to cover the song in a different style

Questions: -What can you do with singing or humming to add different emphasis? (creative)

-What would need to be considered with approaching the song in a different style? (creative)

Three Things I want to Learn:

  1. Successful strategies to receive support from students, faculty, administration, and parents
  2. How to design a flexible curriculum that adheres to expectations (national, state, and district/school standards)
  3. Learn about and understand different ways that a digital hybrid class can look

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